Ironstone Entrance Technologies is Hiring!

Position: Warehouse Manager Managing all aspects of the warehouse and help out in the field when needed Responsible to: The General Manager. Responsible for: The entire warehouse and inventory Duties & Responsibilities: Maintaining and managing warehouse Responsible for all shipping and receiving of all products and keeping accurate and up to date shipping logs Responsible […]

Does your entrance meet the current AODA codes?

Ontario has mandated all public buildings be fully accessible by 2025, so are you prepared? We’ve come a long way over the years in making buildings accessible for people with disabilities. However, more work needs to be done and Ontario has just scripted a new and unique chapter in its accessibility journey and its Human […]

What makes Ironstones technicians the best in the industry?

Working with Ironstone technicians brings a whole host of benefits to clients including the highest quality of customer service standards to ensure customer satisfaction. With over a decade of reputable service in the entrance technologies industry, certified and reliable technicians are a priority to ensure ongoing relationships, and assistance for clients working with Ironstone technicians […]

Why you need Ironstone Entrance Technologies servicing your hospital

Ironstone Entrance Technologies understands how important it is to provide the highest quality of service and state-of-the-art entrance solutions, particularly when servicing hospitals or other medical facilities. A malfunctioning door could have serious, negative consequences at a location like a hospital where life and death emergencies are dealt with every day. Ironstone also understands that […]

Why your business will benefit from Ironstone Entrance Technologies products and services

With a reputation for excellence built up over a decade in the automatic door industry, Ironstone Entrance Technologies specializes in surpassing customer expectations. The company’s specialty is custom, in that they work with each client to find the right automatic entrance solutions. Customers who choose Ironstone Entrance Technologies to service and maintain their automatic entrance […]

The Benefits of Entrances Becoming Hands-Free

The Benefits of Entrances Becoming Hands-Free Did you know that bacteria can live for up to 72 hours on stainless steel surfaces? This includes your door handles, knobs, and frames. As a result, Coronavirus and many other forms of bacteria have the capability of remaining viable for days, says study author, James Lloyd-Smith. Automatic doors […]