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Don’t let pedestrian congestion block your business!

Buildings with heavy traffic require user-friendly entrances that are safe and secure.

For over 70 years, the highly skilled engineers at dormakaba have been creating revolving doors that are equal parts functional and beautiful. At Ironstone Entrance Technologies, we provide installation and upkeep for dormakaba crane revolving doors so your business can flow.

Traditional sliding and swinging doors don’t create an entrance to your building; they simply create a hole. These holes repeatedly impact the heating and cooling cycle of your building with every entrance, letting in frigid, icy air during the winter months and letting expensive conditioned air escape during the summer months.

Though door vestibules attempt to mitigate this issue, they are often forced to remain open during high traffic times, negating their purpose entirely. These vestibules can take up valuable space which could instead be used to benefit your business, with extra seating, displays and the like.

Revolving doors also assist in preventing unwanted guests, whether those unwanted guests are people, dust, dirt or fumes.

Revolving doors all operate under the same guiding principle – “always closed, yet always open.” Unlike their static counterparts, these doors maintain a constant seal between the interior and exterior, saving you time, money and energy across four main pillars:

  1. Slashing energy costs: A study from MIT estimated that revolving doors can save up to 74% of annual energy consumption, equating to an estimated $7500 a year in gas costs, meaning your new door can actually pay for itself in an approximate two to five years.
  2. Elevating your experience: Keep debris where it belongs – outside! Your lobby is your guests’ first escape from the elements. It should be an inviting, pleasant experience for visitors regardless of the season.
  3. Repurposing valuable space: Don’t let dead space kill the experience. Real estate is important, especially in today’s market, and revolving doors can provide that extra real estate your business needs for a new display, seating section or storage area.
  4. Impacting your brand: You don’t get a second chance at a first impression. Make sure your guests can feel an immediate positive impact. Our door installations are completely customizable, allowing for a unique opportunity to showcase your brand in a space that may otherwise go unused or unnoticed.

Keep the unwanted out and let the wanted in with ease, by installing dormaka revolving doors from Ironstone Entrance Technologies!

Based in Brantford, we service all over the GTA, Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara.

Contact our team at Ironstone Entrance Technologies to learn more about the benefits of revolving doors.