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Ironstone has the highest level of trained and AAADM certified technicians at its disposal, and all are highly experienced with hospital applications. We are at you service 24/7 365 days a year. Ready for when you need us!

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Revolving doors and how they will generate energy savings and ease of traffic flow

Don’t let pedestrian congestion block your business! Buildings with heavy traffic require user-friendly entrances that are safe and secure. For over 70 years, the highly skilled engineers at dormakaba have been creating revolving doors that are equal parts functional and beautiful. At Ironstone Entrance Technologies, we provide installation and upkeep for dormakaba crane revolving doors […]

Why your retail space needs an entrance makeover this Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is the most wonderful, and lucrative, time of the year for many in the retail sector. The projected average expenditure among Canadians is around $1200 per individual according to Statista. An entrance makeover will help you maximize your customer intake. From sporting goods stores to clothing stores and malls, and from pharmacies […]