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Ironstone has the highest level of trained and AAADM certified technicians at its disposal, and all are highly experienced with hospital applications. We are at you service 24/7 365 days a year. Ready for when you need us!

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The Holiday Season is the most wonderful, and lucrative, time of the year for many in the retail sector.

The projected average expenditure among Canadians is around $1200 per individual according to Statista.

An entrance makeover will help you maximize your customer intake. From sporting goods stores to clothing stores and malls, and from pharmacies to grocers, sliding doors and sensor technology will boost accessibility and security on many levels. By choosing Ironstone Entrance Technologies, you are sending customers a message that accessibility and safety are top priorities.

When partnering with Ironstone for your “custom” entrance solutions, you benefit from cutting-edge entrance technologies available in the products of Dormakaba and Hotron, functional and stylish entrances, and the help of Ironstone’s expert technicians.

To complement any entryway, Dormakaba automatic sliding doors feature attractive framing and sleek styles. A glass sliding door provides unobstructed views and allows natural light into a building. With its sliding glass doors, Dormakaba offers a durable and welcoming entrance solution. Automated sliding door operators make accessing the door easy and hands-free. A Dormakaba sliding door operator offers smooth and silent operation. The doors of Dormakaba are tested to withstand one million cycles in harsh weather conditions, meaning you will be worry-free even during the stormiest winter days.

As a result of its partnership with Hotron, Ironstone is a pioneer in automatic door sensor technology. In high-traffic areas, these AODA-compliant entrance solutions provide hygienic options, increase pedestrian safety, and ensure pedestrian convenience for businesses of all sectors Their innovative door activation switches can improve accessibility, versatility, battery life, hygiene, and more. Horton is a market leader when it comes to the design and manufacture of sensors, switches, and safety devices for automatic doors.

These entrance solutions not only ensure every customer has access to your retail space, but they keep those who you wish not to have access out and ensure the safety of your property, staff, customers, and merchandise.

Whatever your entrance needs, Ironstone can find the perfect solution for you.

Ironstone is staffed with the highest level of trained and AAADM-certified technicians that are available for service calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Staff members are dedicated, always available, and ready to find a solution to each entrance need. With Ironstone, the customer-client relationship does not end with the purchase and installation of the entrance. Ironstone is working to help make all entrances AODA-compliant by 2025.

The experience and expertise of Ironstone technicians ensure that clients will receive the best entrance solutions available. In order to promote the longevity and efficiency of their doors, Ironstone puts ongoing customer service at the forefront of every relationship with their “outside-the-box” approach in each and every project.

Reach out to us today and let us help provide your retail establishment with “custom” entrance solutions.