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Ironstone has the highest level of trained and AAADM certified technicians at its disposal, and all are highly experienced with hospital applications. We are at you service 24/7 365 days a year. Ready for when you need us!

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Ironstone is a pioneer of automatic door sensor technology, thanks to our new partnership with Hotron

Ironstone is offering innovative sliding and swinging door solutions by Hotron with the additions of the SSR-3 and the SSS-5.

These AODA compliant entrance solutions are the perfect option for businesses in all sectors looking to improve their accessibility, provide hygienic options, ensure pedestrian safety and convenience in high-traffic areas.

The SSR-3 sliding door sensor maximizes pedestrian safety while facilitating timely door openings. This is ensured thanks to the dual technology, automatic activation, and safety sensor, and the use of Door Learn and Uni-directional detecting technology. The EN16005-compliant SSR-3 uses microwave and active infrared technology to offer you the very latest in sliding door innovation.

A large detection distance allows for timely door openings which is pivotal for high-traffic areas, shopping trolleys, and more. The large detection area makes the SSR-3 the ideal choice for airports, garden centers, DIY stores, and more. Unidirectional detecting technology means choosing the SSR-3 will reduce building energy losses by up to 20%. SSR-3 sliding doors provide unmatched pedestrian safety with a 3-row infrared safety curtain, a monitored safety system, and Door Learn technology. Installation of SSR-3 couldn’t be easier, especially in the hands of Ironstone’s AAADM-certified technicians. Intelligent software prevents false door activations and one-piece sensor body construction ensures the installation goes smoothly.

For entrance solutions requiring a swing door, the SSS-5 provides just as many cutting-edge benefits as the sliding door options. The SSS-5, equipped with an automatic swing door safety sensor, also prioritizes safety, hygiene, and accessibility. The SSS-5 maximizes more than just utility functions, Ironstone understands that your choice of entrance is the first impression of your business which is why the SSS-5 is available in 3 different lengths to meet your specific needs.

Pedestrian safety is ensured with the SSS-5’s EN16005-compliant monitored safety system and 900mm wide safety curtain achieved with just 1 PCB unit. The SSS-5 is easy to install, maintain, and use. A simple push button setting of detection distance allows customization and a removable terminal block simplifies wiring. And only one PCB unit is required for full door safety. The SSS-5 is highly reliable and possesses the ability to adjust to changing environmental conditions in real-time. Robust housing and parts prevent damage during installation and operation.

Ironstone technicians are available 24 hours a day every day of the year as needed. Ironstone understands the long-term needs and durability required for your entrance solutions. Enlisting Ironstone for your entrance solutions ensures the SSR-3 sliding door or the SSS-5 swinging door provide entrance solutions for years to come.

Contact us today for a free quote and consultation on the innovative products we offer through Hotron.



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