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The Benefits of Entrances Becoming Hands-Free

Did you know that bacteria can live for up to 72 hours on stainless steel surfaces? This includes your door handles, knobs, and frames. As a result, Coronavirus and many other forms of bacteria have the capability of remaining viable for days, says study author, James Lloyd-Smith.

Automatic doors are stopping the spread of germs with hands-free technology. In order to eliminate unnecessary contact, Ironstone’s access solutions can boost convenience while giving staff and guests an alternative to touching door handles. Keep your hands clean as soon as you enter or exit a building.

The Hype Behind Hands-Free

Your entrance is your business’s first impression. By updating your entrance, you can build a safe and hands-free zone that not only minimizes contact but creates a barrier-free entrance for guests that need a hand.

The phrase, “Open Sesame” is one we all hear often, especially when automating a customer’s door. The convenience of having a hands-free automatic sliding door or automatic wave button technology is endless.

Automatic sliding door operators create easy hands-free access that makes for an inviting entrance. For instance, all businesses must be barrier-free according to the Ontario Accessibility Action Plan by 2025. Is your business ready? Our goal at Ironstone Entrance Technologies is to ensure your business has an accessible entrance from the exterior of your building to the interior, including universal washrooms.

Automatics add an element of hygiene

Speaking of washrooms, have you noticed that all elements are mostly hands-free? The soap dispenser, toilets and urinals, paper towel dispensers, and sinks? You’ve washed your hands but now you are stuck pressing a button to leave the washroom or pull on the handle to exit. Now what?

Most importantly, wireless options have made retrofitting existing washroom systems and other entrances, exits, and vestibules, a simple, and fast upgrade. As a result, automatic door systems can promote hygiene that will give your guests and staff peace of mind.

Keep your work environment germ-free & convenient

From healthcare facilities, restaurants, industrial buildings, property management areas, and more, the options are endless.

At Ironstone we can offer new ways to automate your entrance. Hands-free door switches, wave to open buttons and sensors, and sliding doors can give additional peace of mind. These solutions can improve convenience for your guests while saving you money along the way.

Our team of AAADM certified technicians can provide you with in-depth site checks to ensure all needs are met. Visit our products page to learn about our automatic door solutions.

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