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What Your Automatic Door Is Telling You: Sounds To Look Out For

You may be wondering, why is my automatic door sounding like this? Let’s face it, Canada’s weather can never really make up its mind. With spring around the corner, we are susceptible to experiencing random downpours, temperatures from -12 to + 20, and sunny with a chance of snow. The weather and heavier traffic can be affecting your automatic doors. Here’s what their sounds are telling you.

Grinding and squealing

If your automatic door is sounding like a horror movie then this could have something to do with your bottom guide assemblies. If they fail, it could lead to costly repairs to the upper assemblies of the upper door. What are bottom guides exactly? Well, a bottom guide is essential for the proper operation of sliding doors. They are located at the bottom of the moving door panels. If you hear a squeal coming from your entrance, it may be time to replace it.

Clicking and whining

Swing doors can assist any manual door in multiple areas including; retail areas, commercial buildings, schools, and hospitals. Did you know that swing door operators can power up to 700 pounds? This includes metal, glass, and wood applications. But, despite swing doors being automatic, they may take on damage whether being from the elements or human activity. Positive stops and wind chains can help your automatic, door, and door frame by reducing the added strain.

Squeaking and scraping

Hinges are prone to warping in high traffic areas causing the door to drop and sag. This goes specifically for barrel hinges. If you see this, your hinge barrels may be failing which can lead to an awful noise and very stiff doors. This will put added pressure on your automatic door operator.

What to do when you hear these noises?

These sounds could be intimidating but, if you do hear something unusual don’t hesitate! Call Ironstone Entrance Technologies to schedule your next Preventative Maintenance Service!

What is a Preventative Maintenance Service?

Our trusted service technicians will complete a thorough check of all entrances. This includes examining thresholds, guides, carriage wheels, and the operator itself. These inspections are key in increasing the longevity of your automatic doors. By becoming a PM customer, you will receive 10% off parts as well as a discount on labour. Basically, it’s a reward for being proactive! Ironstone’s team offers 24/7 service that can give you peace of mind. Our team of AAADM certified technicians can help resolve these issues as soon as your call comes in. So, if and when you do hear a noise from your automatic door, call 1-866-268-2262.

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