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Why Accessibility is Important When Choosing Your Automatic Door Opener

At Ironstone Entrance Technologies, we want to ensure all entrances including, washrooms, main doors, man doors, and more are 100% accessible. By choosing the right automatic door opener your business will take a leap in becoming AODA compliant. Actuators not only provide the safety that prevents injury but they are reliable and can be used hands-free with just a wave or by using a remote.

Actuators AKA push buttons for automatic operators help tie everything together. You can typically find these on swing door openers. However, most are unaware that there’s a certain code that must be met to ensure patrons can enter safely. This applies to mothers with strollers, children, the elderly, and pedestrians with disabilities. It’s important to ask questions when installing your new automatic door opener package.

  1. How far should my handicap button be from the door?
  2. Is there a size requirement?
  3. What is the height requirement?

Follow Ontario Building Code Guidelines

Our AAADM certified technicians will answer any questions you may have but we do recommend you take the time to research protocols from Ontario building codes website.

Think of how you use an actuator. You want it to be easily identified and used properly. When mapping out where your buttons should go, keep in mind the way the door opens. The button should be at least two feet from the latch or lead edge of the door at 90 degrees. This requires a minimum time delay of 5 seconds to ensure the path is cleared safely. When the entrance is further, we recommend an increase to that delay of 1 second per additional foot of distance. It’s crucial to evaluate your space to ensure a user would not be in the path of the moving door.

Doors equipped with push buttons can be placed no lower than 900 mm and no more than 1100 mm above the finished floor. In addition to the height, size does matter when choosing push buttons.

Did you know?

Jam switches are small and no longer up to code? This is because they were previously installed too close to the door. This prevents the door from getting enough clearance preventing it from swinging safely. Also, visually impaired users find it difficult to locate as it is 1.5 x 3″ tall.

Ironstone recommends using 4.5″ square or 6″ round buttons as they provide a larger visual presents. Not to mention, more surface area in which it’s easier to find and press.

We can’t leave out our vertical actuation devices! This large and in charge button allows for a complete barrier-free application as its size is 5 x 38″ long. This is extremely important for those with disabilities. At Ironstone, we offer a wide range of operator packages, that range in size, design, and finish. Improve the accessibility of your company and speak to one of our team members today!

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