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Ironstone launches installation and service for Big Foot Door Products for Home Consumers

Lift and slide and bring the outside inside!

The door to your home and even your backyard or back-deck: it’s the first impression.

The summer will soon be here, so why not impress your family and guests with showstopping technology that will be the talk of the neighborhood?

Your main entrance and other key areas that connect your home with the outside truly defines your home’s accessibility, security, and innovation.

Simply put: It sets the stage for what’s to come on the inside.

Imagine your home’s front door being accessible with the touch of a finger.  Imagine giving your guests the same access – all with the control of an app.

Now, imagine the rest of the doors in your house, like bi-folding patio doors, operable walls, and more, being movable with ease.

The luxury of Big Foot Door products and the creative genius and superior service of Ironstone Entrance Technologies Inc. are partnering for the first time.  

Commercial buildings shouldn’t be the only place to experience automatic technology.

Big Foot Door and Ironstone Entrance Technologies Inc. are bringing the ease and accessibility of automatic doors at home with new technology, giving you, and your family, that true peace of mind on the accessibility and security fronts.

Big Foot Door’s Premium entrance doors are a statement in themselves.

Custom-built to accent your home’s good looks, Big Foot Door Premium entrance doors are sleek, modern, and can be professionally installed by Ironstone Entrance Technologies Inc.

Never struggle with the groceries again – Ironstone Entrance Technologies Inc. can also integrate single-touch door openers into your Big Foot Door to make your home truly accessible for you, your family, and friends. But you control who has access and when.

Bring the outside in with a sliding patio door equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Just lift and slide, or with the new automated version just press a button – and that’s it. It may seem like a tall task, but the technology is easy to operate and in seconds you can connect your inside décor with the beauty of the outside world. Yes, technology and nature are wonderful, and you get the best of both worlds with Big Foot’s technology, courtesy of Ironstone.

Extend your living space to enjoy a barbeque or night around the fire table, with all the beauty of a Big Foot Door matched with ease of moveability from Ironstone Entrance Technologies Inc.

Big Foot Door offers a highly thermally broken aluminum-framed glass door system that remains water-tight when closed. This new technology is perfect for changing temperatures year-round – summer, fall, winter, and spring, perfect for Canadian homeowners.

With the lift of a handle, or push of a button, your door or window will slide into an open position so that you can enjoy the outdoors in a matter of seconds. Ironstone Entrance Technologies Inc. and Big Foot Door are able to newly-install or retrofit any entrance in your home, front and back.

Through 30+ years of impeccable execution and continuous innovation, Big Foot Door has built a reputation throughout Ontario and beyond.

Coupled with the renowned experience, technology, and service of Ironstone Entrance Technologies Inc., who have integrated their products into some of Ontario’s biggest businesses, your home’s entrances will be nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Contact the Ironstone team today and learn how they can give your home entrance or other areas of the home a new install or retrofit.

If you are building a custom home, or doing major renovations, then Big Foot’s products are what you need to have that showstopping effect.

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