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Ironstone has the highest level of trained and AAADM certified technicians at its disposal, and all are highly experienced with hospital applications. We are at you service 24/7 365 days a year. Ready for when you need us!

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Ironstone offers Hotron’s AerWave technology – a hygienic and accessible entrance solution

Innovation and Car Creation

AerWave is an innovative door activation switch capable of improving the accessibility of your business and designed for versatility, long battery life, ease of installation, and improved hygiene.

AerWave is the latest product from Hotron, recognized as a market leader in door design and manufacturing of sensors, switches, and safety devices in the automatic door industry. AerWave, and other Hotron products, are available through Ironstone Entrance Technologies Inc. where you will find state-of-the-art solutions to customize and optimize every part of your entrance. 

In today’s increasingly hygiene-conscious world, it is paramount to reflect these values in an entrance solution to maximize comfort and accessibility.

For this reason, AerWave features a touchless and wireless automatic door activation switch to offer peace of mind for anyone using the doorway. The touch-free door activation prevents the spread of disease-causing viruses and bacteria. The AerWave detects hands or objects without requiring physical contact.

AerWave is wireless to facilitate ease of installation. It operates at a frequency of 2.4GHz in conjunction with our WR-24 receiver and up to 10 AerWave switches capable of being registered with one WR-24 receiver.

AerWave comes with a 10m wireless transmission distance. While working with Ironstone’s AAADM-certified technicians, installation will always be easy and to your liking. Ironstone’s work isn’t done after installation either, with our staff of experts at your service 24/7 365 days a year. Ready for when you need us if any issues arise with your entrance solutions.

Ironstone works with you to ensure you get the most out of your entrance solutions by specializing in customer service and building reliable long-term relationships with clients. AerWave is also built with a long battery life to ensure excellent value is received. AerWave uses two CR123A batteries, with a battery life of roughly 12 months based on approximately 500 uses per day.

AerWave is versatile, supplied with two faceplates for both hand and wheelchair. IP65 enclosures ensure added protection against germs as well as water damage. While in use detection is indicated by a beep or a flashing LED. Improving access and accessibility is a foundational cornerstone on which Ironstone operates.

For this reason, Ironstone is proud to add AerWave to our list of offerings to continue to work toward barrier-free organizations across all sectors.  Your entrance is the first impression of your organization. Choosing AerWave means that impression will be welcoming, thanks to prioritizing accessibility and hygiene

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